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Start of research: Introduction to OpenWiFi

Published on 30 Aug 2020 by Stef Pletinck

OpenWiFi is an FPGA1 and SDR2 implementation of the IEEE 802.11 a/g/n standard (WiFi, for us common folk). Essentially, it’s a WiFi chip, like you’d find in your phone or a router, but open source and written in Verilog. For more introductory reading, see the paper3 or the talk on FOSDEM. This series of blog posts will document my experiences learning and researching.

  1. Field Programmable Gate Array 

  2. Software Defined Radio 

  3. X. Jiao, W. Liu, M. Mehari, M. Aslam, and I. Moerman, ‘openwifi: a free and open-source IEEE802.11 SDR implementation on SoC’, in 2020 IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Spring), Antwerp, Belgium, May 2020, pp. 1–2, doi: 10.1109/VTC2020-Spring48590.2020.9128614. 

Automatic Minecraft backups

Published on 29 Aug 2020 by Stef Pletinck

Say you run a Minecraft server (like EndTech) and you want it to backup automatically and manually. This is needed because people make mistakes or your players like to experiment, which might crash the game.

Building rich search using Laravel and Vue.js

Published on 19 Sep 2019 by Stef Pletinck

For the longest time, the in-house invoicing and CRM package where I work used Select2 for all search boxes. The main “customer search” box had some extra code tacked on that would load the customer’s profile when you selected a customer in Select2. This worked, but had a number of issues:

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